Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We offer On-Demand or Scheduled Dry Cleaning, Laundry, and Wash and Fold Services. Generally, these services include:

Dry Cleaning Services

Professional Dry Cleaning
Laundered and Pressed Shirts (on hanger)
Household Items (Drapes, Bedding, Table Linens)

Laundry Service

Wash Dry Fold
Household laundered items

What are your hours of operation? provides you with door-to-door Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Wash and Fold service from 8:00am through 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.  We do observe major Holidays, and offer our hard-working employees a well-earned day off on those days.

What areas do you serve?

We operate in western Pasco and Hernando counties.  Click here to see if we are presently servicing your area.

Do you charge a fee for pick-up and delivery?

We offer FREE pick-up and delivery for one-time orders of $25.00 or more.

Your First Order

What do I do with my clothes?

1. Separate Your Clothes by Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold
Dry Cleaning are any items that can’t be put in a washer or dryer or that you want dry cleaned, pressed and hung on a hanger.Wash & Fold are any items that you want laundered or washed, dried, and folded.

2. Put Your Clothes in a Bag
For your first order, you can use any bag you want. For example, a garbage bag, drawstring bag, or shopping bag. For subsequent orders, you will receive a Laundry/Dry Cleaning bag.

3. Label Your Bags
Place a sheet of paper in each bag with your name, address, and whether the bag is dry cleaning or wash & fold.

4. Schedule you Pick up and Delivery Dates
Using your Smartphone, Tablet or PC, you can find us at and enter your order, or you can simply give us a call at 844-367-0473.  After completing your order, we will pick up during your scheduled time window, and then confirm your order via text or e-mail when the order arrives at our location.  We will stay in contact with you via text or e-mail messages (your choice) to keep you informed and up to date on your order, and to let you know when our drivers are approximately 30 minutes away from returning your order.

5. Leave Your Bag in Your Designated Pick-up Area
If you are going to be home, our driver will meet you at your front door.If you are not going to be home, leave the bags on the front porch or garage area, as noted in your special instructions when ordering on-line.  A driver will be by to pick it up within the time-frame you requested. You will receive a text message when the driver is on the way!

How much does the service cost?

Pricing for Standard Wash & Fold is $1.30 per pound, and Household items or Dry Cleaning is per item. Please check our price listings for Wash & Fold, Dry Cleaning and all of your additional options. You can find detailed pricing here.

When will my clothes be returned to me?

You can schedule you Wash & Fold order to be returned as soon as your next area delivery date. We operate Monday through Friday, excluding major Holidays.  If you include Dry Cleaning with your order, or if you place an order only for Dry Cleaning, you may schedule the return of your clothing as soon as your next area delivery date. Detailed pick-up and delivery time windows are listed when you place your order. We will text or e-mail you when our driver is near your home for delivery.

Do you offer hang/line drying or Wash & Fold laundry returned on hangers?

We do offer hang/line drying when requested, typically on delicate items.  Please specify which items you would like to have line dried, and understand that if you request a quick turnaround delivery time, they may be returned slightly damp, and on hangers.  Providing additional time for delivery will offer us more time to ensure your items are dried properly.  As part of our Wash & Fold service, we will hang and return on our hangers your pants, collared shirts and certain other items upon request. All other items will be sorted, folded, bagged in plastic and returned to you in our plastic Wash and Fold bags.  We DO NOT iron or Press any Wash & Fold orders, but as a Full Service Dry Cleaner, we do Dry Clean and Press all of our Dry Cleaning orders.  If you have certain garments that you would like to have pressed, please enter them individually, as Dry Cleaning items.

Can I specify which products you use on my clothes when they are Wash & Fold?

You can choose between our Standard and Premium service. In addition you may choose a normal detergent or one that is un-scented and designed for sensitive skin such as ALL Free and Clear.  Additional charges apply to premium soaps, bleaches and softeners. We also offer options such as Oxyclean, Color Safe Bleach and Fabric Softener.

For Dry Cleaning, you may choose how much starch you would like in your clothing, typically in Laundered and Pressed Shirts or Blouses, or Starched pants.

What if I have a stain or need special care on certain garments?

When you place your order, use the Special Instructions text box to enter any notes, special instructions, stains or other issues that we should be aware of while cleaning and removing stains and spots from your clothing.  Our expert staff will take note of your instructions, and return your clothing looking as good as they can look. Please note that some stains are “set stains” meaning they may be permanent and impossible to remove, based upon age of the stain, type of stain, and whether or not the stains have been laundered and dried into the clothing.

Should I specify that my Laundered Pressed Shirts or Jeans have creases placed in them?

Should you want to have creases, starch or other options applied to your clothing, please indicate your personal choices in the special instructions area of the order screen, and we’d be glad to take care of that for you.

Should I Dry Clean or launder Shirts?

Launder and Press is the process most, if not all, cleaners reserve for men’s cotton or cotton blend button down shirts.  These items are washed and pressed on a specific machine that provides cost savings over dry cleaning.  All other shirts you request for Dry cleaning (Linen, Rayon, Silk, etc.) will be processed by us using the Dry cleaning method, regardless of care label or the “Special Instructions” field on the order pages.  Please ensure that you place your order correctly. If there are errors on your order, we will attempt to contact you before cleaning.

We also suggest that you select dry cleaning for Laundered and Pressed shirts that contain difficult stains that will typically not be removed in the Laundering process. Specifically, we recommend that you select Dry Cleaning for those shirts with stains containing, Ink, Blood, Oil and grease, etc.  We have a much better chance at removing those stains, when dry cleaned.  We pre-spot and dry clean the shirts and then launder and press them after laundering.

Also note that some shirts (as noted above) are not eligible for Launder and Press. These include women’s shirts/blouses, shirts with special fabrics and design, children’s shirts, and shirts with unique or steel buttons.  Other items such as suits, ties, lined pants, skirts, sweaters, dresses and jackets will always be dry cleaned and not eligible for wash and fold.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

Dry cleaning & Wash and Fold laundry can be delivered as soon as your next area delivery date.

Services Offered

Can I specify a Green or Organic cleaning products be used on my wash?

Yes!  There is an additional charge for Organic cleaning products.

Do you separate whites, colors and dark clothes when washing my clothes?

Yes we do!  We will always separate your clothing before washing and only use bleach on whites if you select that option.  You may also select the option of Color-safe bleach can be used on colors to increase the cleaning power of the detergent and provide you more vibrant colors after washing. Other options include unscented detergent, fabric softener, and double-washes for heavily soiled clothing.

Do you provide same-day delivery?

We do not offer same-day service at this time.  We do however encourage you to schedule (in advance) your pick-up and delivery times to guarantee the time that’s most convenient for you. Same-day service is available at our Best Cleaners and Laundry retail location. Dry cleaning dropped off must be in-store by 9:00 AM, Wash and Fold must be in-store by 12:00 PM

Do you perform alterations or repairs on clothing?

We do offer tailoring and repair services.  Simply select the option needed on your order screen. For more complicated alterations, we invite you to call our retail location (Best Cleaners and Laundry at 352-666-2378

Can I give you my old hangers?

We would be happy to take your old hangers and recycle them!

Can I provide my own Laundry detergent?

You are welcome to provide your own SINGLE-USE detergent or detergent pod. We cannot accept or be responsible for using or returning bottles or boxes of detergent.

Should I tip your driver or laundry team?

Tipping is always appreciated, but totally discretionary! We love Feedback—Rate us on Google, Like Us on Facebook or give us a call! We’d love to hear from you!

Damaged or Non-cleanable Items

We will always use the utmost care in cleaning any garment entrusted to us to clean, and in the rare instance that you find a damaged or missing item, please reach out to us by telephone at 844-367-0473 or e-mail us at within 48 hours of delivery. We’ll do our best to “make it right” for you!

If we receive your order and, in our opinion, we are unable to clean any items we will note these and return them to you.  Likewise, for dry clean items, we will return non-cleanable items to you and you will not be charged for those items

Exceptions To Damaged Items

  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • All clothing will eventually wear out over time.  Despite our best efforts to clean and maintain your wardrobe, we occasionally run into issues due to “normal wear and tear,” and we do not reimburse when this occurs.  Per industry standards, “normal wear and tear” is considered to be:
  • Slight shrinkage from repeated laundering
  • Slight fading or color loss from repeated laundering or cleaning
  • Button damage from repeated laundering or pressing
  • Discoloration from perfumes or deodorants
  • Small rips or tears from repeated laundering or cleaning or tears enlarging from smaller tears as a result of laundering
  • Thinning of fabrics due to repeated cleaning
  • Damages to beads, buckles or certain types of trim on clothing

If we adhere to the manufacturer’s Care Label instructions, or if our customer removes care label tags from any garment, we will not be responsible for any damage to that garment.